I Complete List of Publications


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Fitzgerald, J and Agyeman, J (manuscript in preparation) Cities and the Struggle for Climate Justice (Under contract, Oxford University Press)

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Published Refereed Articles

Agyeman, J and Stewart, N (2023) “Moving From Advocacy Planning towards Reparative Planning”. Planning Theory and Practice. Interface.

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Published Book Chapters

Agyeman, J, Alkon, A and Duprey, A (2022) “Silence is Not Consent”: The Politics of Planning for Urban Agriculture in Boston. In Moragues-Faus, A, Clark, J, Battersby, J and Davies A, Routledge Handbook of Urban Food Governance. London: Routledge.

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Published Conference Presentations

Agyeman, J (2000) ‘Government, sustainability and governed: the role of Agenda 21 ”Changing Landscapes ~ Shaping Futures’. International Landcare Conference Melbourne Australia 2nd-5th March.

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Published Reports

Agyeman, J, McLaren, D and Shaeffer-Borrego A (2013) ‘Sharing Cities.‘ London. Friends of the Earth.

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Book, Grant and Conference Paper Reviews

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Miscellaneous book and journal manuscript and grant reviews for:

University of North Carolina Press, MIT Press, UBC Press, University of Florida Press, NYU Press, Cornell University Press, University of Georgia Press, Vanderbilt University Press, University of Minnesota Press, Earthscan Publishing Limited, Guilford Publications Inc., Pluto Press, Blackwell’s, Kluwer Academic Publishing

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Newspaper Articles

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