Rooted. Stories, recipes, and traditions from the Dudley Street neighborhood

One of the many rewards of working in a university is the pleasure that I get from fabulous work by my students. Emma Scudder, a Senior at Tufts University, developed 'Rooted' in the fall of 2013 with the help of her UEP 293 Food Justice: Critical Approaches in Policy and Planning classmates Leah Lazer, Amanda Miller, Abby Harper, and Lissette Castillo and staff at The Food Project. It is a wonderful paean to diversity, place, culture and food. Emma's appreciation of the [...]

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Interculturalism and culturally inclusive space II

Part 2 Opportunities: Designing, planning and maintaining culturally inclusive spaces Despite the conceptual challenges I mentioned in my last blog Interculturalism and culturally inclusive space I, public spaces can be sites of huge intercultural opportunity. They may be the only sites where various groups interact at all and organised events, such as soccer matches, festivals or youth group events may offer important opportunities for inter-group contact (Dines and Cattrell 2006) and for generating shared experiences (Lownsbrough [...]

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