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who can belong in cities will determine what cities can become

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Interculturalism and culturally inclusive space I

Part 1 Challenges: Contact, conflict, separation, segregation. In my blog Cities of (in)Difference I discussed Bloomfield and Bianchini’s (2002, p. 6) intercultural dream where “different cultures intersect, ‘contaminate’ each other and hybridise.” Clearly parks, public spaces and streets have a role to play in this. Unfortunately however, culturally inclusive spaces, those designed intentionally around the recognition…

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The new leaders are waiting: Scaling up inclusion and diversity in environmental organizations.

A posting by Helen Whybrow in ‘Saving Land’ the Land Trust Alliance’s newsletter entitled  ‘2042 Today: Cultivating Conservation Leaders of the Future’ (Fall 2011) described a 2010 leadership retreat for diverse conservation leaders under 35 where “for most of them, this [was] the first time they [had] been in a group of conservationists where people of color [were] the…

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