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who can belong in cities will determine what cities can become

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Moving Beyond the Sharing Economy: The Case for ‘Sharing Cities’.

What can be bad about an economy that’s called ‘sharing’? Sharing is the antithesis of our current dog-eat-dog economy right? With a booming global population and mass-migration to cities, surely anything that encourages getting-along with each other is a good thing? But the sharing economy is under attack – though surprisingly not from market-is-gospel neoliberals.…

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Mind the crap: Socially successful but not socially just?

Oh dear. How many times have we been here before, and how many times must we go here again? Design for Social Sustainability: A framework for creating thriving communities (April 2012) is a report from the The Young Foundation, a non-profit, non-governmental think tank based in London that specializes in insights, innovation and entrepreneurship to meet social needs. The report was commissioned jointly…

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